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Cation Conductivity Monitoring In Cycling Plants - A New Approach
By Randy C. Turner, Swan Analytical USA

In recent years, there has been increased pressure to reduce start-up times for all units, particularly combined cycle units.  Most of the combined cycles in the late 1990’s were designed to be base loaded due to the low price of natural gas at the time.

Flue Gas Analysis As A Diagnostic Tool For Fired Process Heater Furnaces
By Emerson

Combustion flue gas analysis has been used by process heater operators for decades as a method of optimizing fuel/air ratio. By measuring the amount of excess oxygen and/or CO in the flue gases resulting from combustion, furnace operators can operate at optimum efficiency and lowest NOx, and also generate the least amount of greenhouse gas. The theoretical ideal, or the stoichiometric point, is where all fuel is reacted with available oxygen in the combustion air and no fuel or O2 is left over.

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New Technology For Rapid Steam Turbine Start-Up

Growth in renewable (but unsteady) energy sources has placed greater burden on modern gas-fired electric plants to cycle on and off to maintain steady and reliable electric production between renewables and base load.

Case Study: Vung Ang 1 Coal-Fired Plant, Vietnam

The challenge at this coal-fired nuclear power plant was to install a sea-to-plant water filter system. The purpose was to filter uninterrupted cooling water for the plant and to remove any encountered debris and prevent condenser blockage.

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