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What Is pH, And How Is It Measured?
By Frederick J. Kohlmann, Hach Company

Almost all processes containing water have a need for pH measurement. The pH of wastewater leaving manufacturing plants and wastewater purification plants, as well as potable water from municipal drinking water plants, must be within a specific pH "window" as set forth by local, state, or federal regulatory agencies.

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FTIR Fast Facts 6: FTIR Is Inherently Portable

The hot topic right now for chemical analysis happens to be the ability for the analysis equipment to be portable. FTIR is inherently portable because it doesn't need any large infrastructure associated with it. FTIR is just passing a beam of light through things, and it could be most anything, solid, liquid, or gas.

Quick Facts: What's All This About Trona?

Trona as a significant air pollution control product when used in dry sorbent injection has provoked high industry interest and the desire to know more about this naturally occurring mineral. Quick Facts: What’s All This About Trona? will answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Swan Analytical And Novatech To Host Steam & Water Seminar

Instrument and control technicians, plant chemists, and others responsible for power plant steam/water cycle systems in Eastern Canada will want to attend the 2016 Power Industry Steam & Water Analyzer Seminar. The seminar will take place at Novatech’s training facilities in Mississauga, Ontario, on May 17 to 18.

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