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Sodium Monitoring In The Water And Steam Cycle In Power Plants
By Hach Company
Today sodium concentration has become one of the most important indexes for quality control of water and steam at power plants; however, measurement of this parameter can be difficult in practice. The use of ion selective electrodes means that analyzers are sensitive to pH shifts and constant exposure to very low concentrations of sodium ions in ultra-pure water conditions can lead to electrode desensitization.
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FTIR Fast Facts 1
Everybody knows that FTIRs can do the monitoring, and it usually gives the most coverage, but what’s the reason that somebody would spend more money on an FTIR unit when conventional instruments are cheaper?
MLT 1 Multicomponent Gas Analyzer Datasheet
This ulticomponent gas analyzer with up to five components features NDIR/UV/VIS photometer, paramagnetic and electrochemical O2, and thermal conductivity sensors.
Analyzer AMI Sodium P Datasheet
Analyzer for the continuous determination of dissolved sodium in the ppb-range for steam, condensate, and high-purity water for samples with pH ≥ 7.
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