DensaDeg XRC™ For Extreme Rate Clarification

You need to treat large volumes of surface water and save space — your solution is DensaDeg XRC™ for high-efficiency pretreatment. DensaDeg XRC™ provides extreme rate clarification based on a unique combination of solids contact, ballast addition, and solids recirculation principles that ensure enhanced, rapid treatment while saving footprint. Piloting options and packaged units are available.

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Modifications To Circulating Water Traveling Screens Save Fish At Salem Generating Station
By Evoqua Water Technologies

Located on the shores of the Delaware River, Salem Generating Station is situated in an environmentally sensitive area. The Delaware Estuary contains approximately 200,000 acres of salt-water marshes fed by numerous rivers and streams. When their operating license came up for renewal, the state of New Jersey required the Public Service Electric & Gas Company to modify their circulating water traveling screens for better fish handling at the Salem Generating Station.

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Oxygen Removal From Feedwater In A Central District Heating System

In central district heating systems, heated water from power plants is distributed to densely populated areas via insulated piping networks. High water quality is required to maintain the integrity of pipes, storage tanks, and other infrastructure in such systems. This case study explains how a Dutch power station achieved an O2 specification of <10 ppb for storage water tank filling by installing a chemical-free deoxygenation system.

Protection Methods For Gas Detectors Used In Hazardous Environments
Almost every industrial setting poses some potential safety risk to personnel working in such environments whether it is something that can be seen, such as rotating machinery, or unseen, such as possible lethal concentrations of flammable/combustible gas.
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