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How To Achieve Rapid Steam Turbine Start-Up
By Waltron Group

It’s no secret that the push toward renewable fuels is changing the world of power generation. Despite political ebbs and flows, technological advances are diversifying the sources of power and the costs of generating it. Steam generation is certainly not immune to these shifts.

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Products & Applications For Steam Generating Plants Overview

Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors can reliably achieve very low dissolved gas concentrations and operate with fewer chemicals compared to alternative degassing methods.  Membrane contactors contain 10X the surface area of a conventional degassing tower and occupy a much smaller footprint.

Quick Facts: Dry Sorbent Injection – Giving Your Coal-Fired Power Plant A New Lease On Life!

A recent study showed that use of dry sorbent injection can indeed lengthen the life of some power plants. “Quick Facts: Dry Sorbent Injection – Giving your coal-fired power plant a new lease on life!” will briefly answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this important subject.

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