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Oxygen Removal From Feedwater In A Central District Heating System
By 3M Industrial Business Group | Membranes Business Unit
In central district heating systems, heated water from power plants is distributed to densely populated areas via insulated piping networks. High water quality is required to maintain the integrity of pipes, storage tanks, and other infrastructure in such systems. This case study explains how a Dutch power station achieved an O2 specification of <10 ppb for storage water tank filling by installing a chemical-free deoxygenation system.
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FTIR Fast Facts 5: Mass Spectrometry vs. FTIR
Mass spectrometry, as it says, measures the distribution of mass, like how many particles of atomic weight four you have, versus atomic weight twelve. FTIR, on the other hand, is measuring the infrared radiation absorbed by chemical bonds.
X-STREAM Enhanced XEGP — General-Purpose Gas Analyzer
The X-STREAM Enhanced full 19" general-purpose analyzer combines powerful analytical technology with modern communication functionality to face your analytical problem.
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