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Powering Safety Systems — Significant Power 'Headroom' Is Good Practice
By Emerson

One of the most common sources of fire and gas detection system failure is power supply interruption and disturbance. Power supply specifications of an instrument refer to the voltage that must appear at the instrument power terminals, not the power supply rated output.

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Traveling Water Screen Service And Rebuilds For Improved Performance

Keeping traveling screens in working order is mission-critical for municipal drinking water, power generation plants, and water dependent industries. That’s why we offer full service and maintenance for your water intake. From channel cleaning, to bar rack repair and total traveling water screen maintenance, our service crews are up to the task.

Baltimore Gas And Electric-Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Deoxygenation System

Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors from Hoechst Celanese Corporation are being used to deoxygenate the high-purity makeup water at BG&E Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant in Lusby, MD.