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Power Plant Water: Wanted Dead And Alive
By Jim Lauria

Water is the lifeblood of electrical power plants, whether they are water-cooled steam plants or turbine-spinning hydroelectric installations. Regardless of how the facility generates electricity, there is a growing awareness that each power plant is part of its own, unique industrial watershed — drawing water from the environment, altering its contents and temperature, releasing some to the atmosphere as steam, and returning the rest to receiving waters.

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Oxygen Removal From Feedwater In A Central District Heating System

This case study explains how a Dutch power station achieved an O2 specification of <10 ppb for storage water tank filling by installing a chemical-free deoxygenation system.

Modifications To Circulating Water Traveling Screens Save Fish At Salem Generating Station

Located on the shores of the Delaware River, Salem Generating Station is situated in an environmentally sensitive area. Having designed upgrades and retrofits for numerous similar situations, Evoqua Water Technologies was ready to provide an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly intake screening upgrade for the Salem Station.

Quick Facts: Milling Trona: Why Reinvent The Wheel?

Want to know if milling trona is really necessary? Get the objective answer to this and other frequently asked questions about the procedure here. 

Waltron 3041 Silica Analyzer

Waltron’s 3041 silica analyzer is the first choice for online analysis of dissolved silica in ultrapure water applications.