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In It For The Long Run
By Waltron Group

Lately some major instrument manufacturers seem to be “building out” quality and discontinuing support on older designs. That might be tolerable in the case of consumer electronics, which often become obsolete before they wear out. We have gotten used to that because these products are not overly expensive to replace and because new features usually bring greater utility. That is not the case for durable industrial products, where resources for fixed assets are not limitless and new features rarely justify early replacement.

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Optimize Plant Burner Fuel-To-Air Ratio With ST75 Flow Meter And Reduce Boiler Energy Costs

The advanced ST75 air/gas flow meter from Fluid Components International (FCI), which measures fuel gas, process gas, inert gas, waste gases, and air in small line sizes, is ideal for optimizing the fuel-to-air ratio for plant burner-boiler control, reducing plant fuel costs while protecting the environment.

Complete Water Analysis For Power Generation

Hach offers the most comprehensive water analysis solution for continuous power generation. From arsenic to zinc, Hach offers reagents, and portable, laboratory, and process instruments for more than 100 test parameters — the broadest range for power industry water analysis.

SC310 Catalytic Bead Combustible Gas Sensor

The SC310 provides versatile, robust, and field proven performance in a rugged package designed for the most extreme industrial environments.

Ion Exchange Systems

The ion exchange process involves the exchanging of contaminant ions for Na+ ions in a softening application and H+ and OH- ions in pure water application.

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