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Generating Station Maximizes Efficiency By Choosing A Membrane Decarbonation System
By 3M Industrial Business Group | Membranes Business Unit

When dissolved carbon dioxide in the water began overloading the anion resin and decreasing capacity at its Rokeby Generating Station, Lincoln Electric Systems had to act quickly to update its winter contingency plans and meet increasing demand. In this case study, learn why the municipality chose a membrane degasifying system over chemical treatment options or a forced draft aerator, thus reducing costs and improving overall efficiency by minimizing downtime.

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Dry Injection Of Sodium Sorbents For HCl And SO2 Mitigation - Effects Of Using Mills

This document describes the technologies of milling trona and sodium bicarbonate, the pros and cons of each technology, capital and maintenance costs of mill systems, and good system design principles.

5500sc Silica Analyzer

Only 2 liters of reagent are required for the analyzer to perform unattended for up to 90 days, twice as long as the Series 5000.

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