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The Advantages Of Containerized Demineralization Systems For Boiler Feed Water
A Q&A with SUEZ

When it comes to water treatment improvements at power plants, the last thing an operation wants is long construction and installation times disrupting its work. Ideally, a solution should be installed, tested, and operational in as little time as possible. 

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The Effect Of Increased Renewables On Cycling Plants

According to World Bank data, the growth in global electricity production in most countries has remained relatively constant over the past decade. Only developing nations such as China and India have seen any significant growth. In that context, the growth of renewable energy sources to about 20 percent of overall supply is a remarkable paradigm shift in the power generation industry. With wind and solar growing five to seven times faster than other sources, this trend will only continue to accelerate.

Quick Facts: Looking For Clarity On Regional Haze Regs?

Our latest short but informative QuickFacts focuses on the EPA’s proposed Regional Haze regs, developed to improve air quality and visibility in more than 150 U.S. national parks and wilderness areas.