New FiltraFast™ Achieves High-Rate Filtration Within A Very Small Footprint

The new FiltraFast™ extreme-rate compressible media filter recently developed by SUEZ achieves up to 10 times the hydraulic loading rate compared to conventional filters, within a compact footprint. FiltraFast™ is customizable to meet specific requirements of different applications, including power plant process water and wastewater treatment. Learn more

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Verify Fluid Flow To Your Analyzer And Keep Your Plant Running
By Sam Kresch, Fluid Components International (FCI)

No matter how sophisticated a fluid analyzer system may be, it will be ineffective if a sample flow fails to reach the analyzer sensor or if the sample is contaminated or stale.

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Connoisseur Dynamic Combustion Optimizer For Fossil Power Plant NOX Reduction And Heat Rate Improvement

A unique approach to combustion optimization captures more benefits than neural networks alone while offering improved control.

Comparison Of Sodium Bicarbonate And Trona For SO2 Mitigation At A Coal-Fired Power Plant

This presentation compares and details the use of trona vs. sodium bicarbonate for the treatment of SO2 at a coal-fired power plant. It also outlines acid mitigation chemical reactions, parameters affecting performance, effect of sorbent particle size on SO2 removal, SO2 removal rates, and more.

SafeGuard Alarm Controller

The Net Safety SafeGuard Alarm Controller is designed as a cost-effective mini-system controller alternative to expensive PLC systems.

Analyzer AMI Sodium A

View an analyzer for the continuous determination of dissolved sodium in the ppb-range for steam, condensate, and high-purity water. For samples with low pH (e.g. sampling after cation exchangers).

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