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Silica Monitoring For Water Injection System Cuts NOx Emissions At Long Island Peaking Power Plant
By Chris Westlake, Analytical Industry Manager, Power and Water Utilities, ABB, and Matthew Gaskin, Lead Engineer, National Grid's Power Engineering Department

A new high-pressure water injection system designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from a peaking power plant in New York requires water with an ultra-low silica concentration.

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Quick Facts: Trona …Talkin' The Talk And Walkin' The Walk

Yup, Trona’s “talkin’ the talk and walkin’ the walk” and will be for years to come. A naturally occurring mineral mined in Green River, WY, it’s used in air pollution control by a wide variety of industries, where it helps remove acid gases such as SO2 and SO3, HCl, and HF from flue gas emissions.

Efficient Dissolved Gas Control In Industrial Water Processes For Compact And Modular System Designs

Mixed bed ion exchange is often used to polish reverse osmosis (RO) permeate in many industrial water systems. This process has been utilized for several years and it is well known that the management of the dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) in the water is critical for an efficient operation.

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