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Monitoring Of Hydrazine And Other Oxygen Scavengers In Boiler Water
By Hach Company

The main objective when adding hydrazine in the boiler feedwater is to prevent dissolved oxygen corrosion effects. Hydrazine holds a dual function in boiler water chemistry.

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Controlling Heat Exchanger Leaks

Energy costs continue to impact the bottom line at many industrial plants. Wherever possible, heat exchangers are used to capture waste heat for reuse in other areas. The capital cost of a heat exchanger is compensated by reduced fuel costs over the lifetime of the heat exchanger.

Midwest Power Station Saves On Chemicals And Reduces Operating Costs With Containerized Mobile Microfiltration System

The Ameren Coffeen Power Station in Coffeen, Illinois, needed to replace its aging water treatment system, but wanted one that could handle turbidity spikes and total organic carbon (TOC), silica, and sodium levels in the lake water.  The plant also wanted to minimize the amount of regeneration chemicals discharged to the lake.  

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