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Medium Purity Condensate Monitoring
By Emerson Process Management, Rosemount™
In the case of large boilers, such as those used to generate electricity, the allowable level of solids is in the low parts-per-million range. The conductivity caused by the dissolved solids is often masked by the larger conductivities of water treatment chemicals that have been added to protect the boiler. In a case like this, the Larson Lane Condensate Monitor Model CH16D is used to separate the conductivity caused by the dissolved solids from the conductivity caused by the water treatment chemicals.
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Vung Ang 1 Coal-Fired Plant, Vietnam

The challenge at this coal-fired nuclear power plant was to install a sea-to-plant water filter system. The purpose was to filter uninterrupted cooling water for the plant and to remove any encountered debris and prevent condenser blockage.

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