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Process Temperature Measurement Practice — Thermocouples And RTDs
By Gary Freemer, ABB Measurement Products

Temperature is one of seven basic values in the current SI system of units and is probably the most important parameter in measurement technology. 

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Quick Facts: Excited About Cheap FGD? Go With DSI!

Looking for something that doesn’t take a week to read? Clarification on dry sorbent injection as the perfect fit for a small plant’s footprint — and the cost associated with implementation – is addressed in the latest issue of “Quick Facts: Excited About Cheap FGD? Go with DSI!

Combustion Analysis Solutions

With the largest installed base of combustion analyzers worldwide, Emerson is trusted more than any other company to deliver provable, worry-free Rosemount combustion analysis solutions.

10 Answers For Steam Generation Conductivity

When you’re running a steam-generation power plant, the more information you can get about the conductivity process, the better. Details about the startup, condensate, and feed water systems can help with efficiency and to avoid costly mistakes. In this field, those statistics aren’t just a luxury, they are required reading.