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China Power Plant Reduces Capital Costs, Energy Use With New Integrated Membrane System
By 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division

As engineers come under increasing pressure to reduce maintenance and operating costs, inefficient combination double-pass reverse osmosis and electrodeionization (RO/EDI) water treatment systems have begun to lose popularity as a means of providing ultra-pure water. Integrated membrane systems (IMS), on the other hand, combine multiple membrane-based water treatment processes into a single system. In this case study, find out how a heat and power plant in Northeast China lowered capital costs and energy use by adopting an IMS to replace its conventional water treatment system.

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Quick Facts: DSI And Trona…Helping Balance Compliance With The Cost Of Air Pollution Control!

In this three-part Q&A, “DSI and trona…Helping balance compliance with the cost of air pollution control!” we look at the difficult choices that must be made when compliance deadlines approach, from  determining reliable power supply and asset utilization to compliance costs and shutdown options.

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