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Demineralization Of Deionizer Systems
By Emerson

The ion exchange process removes unwanted ions from raw water by transferring them to a solid material, called an ion exchanger, which accepts them while giving back an equivalent number of desirable species stored on the ion exchanger skeleton. The ion exchanger has a limited capacity, called its exchange capacity, for storage of ions on its skeleton. Because of this, the ion exchanger eventually becomes saturated with unwanted ions.

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Optical Dissolved Oxygen Measurement In Power Plants

The majority of existing dissolved oxygen analyzers use amperometric sensors. While these are renowned for their accuracy and reliability, issues encountered by users include maintenance complexity and frequency, in addition to flow dependence and calibration needs.

BTA Modified Ristroph Fish Handling Traveling Water Screen

EPA Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act requires the location, design, construction, and capacity of cooling water intake structures reflect the BTA for minimizing adverse environmental impact.

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Systems

SUEZ is at the leading edge of flue gas desulfurization wastewater treatment. With unparalleled operating and design experience, SUEZ is able to provide state-of-the-art FGD wastewater systems enabling you to meet the most stringent effluent requirements. SUEZ’s team is ready to provide cost-effective solutions, including design, equipment supply, installation, and follow-up service support.

Monitor AMI Deltacon Power

Complete monitoring system for the automatic, continuous measurement of the conductivity before (specific/total conductivity) and after a cation exchanger (acid/cation conductivity).

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