Newsletter | February 27, 2020

02.27.20 -- New Technology Aims To Boost Wind Energy Efficiency In Europe

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Best Practices: Safety And Certainty With Actual Gas Calibration Of Thermal Mass Flow Meters
By Fluid Components International

Flow meter calibration should never be taken for granted, and thermal mass flow meters are no exception. Flow meters can be built with the highest safety ratings, features and functions, and the most industrially robust sensor technology, but if the calibration is inaccurate or subject to uncertainty due to an equivalency-based calibration or simulation methods rather than an "actual" fluid calibration, then the device could produce unsatisfactory performance issues.

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Calcium (Lime-Based) Sorbents vs. Sodium (Sorbents)

Both sodium and calcium sorbents have been used as dry sorbents for the mitigation of acid gas for the past 30 years with great success. This brochure itemizes the fundamental differences, pros and cons between them, and the properties that make sodium bicarbonate and trona well-suited for air pollution control.

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Hydrazine Monitor 7835

The 7835 Hydrazine Monitor is a microprocessor-based instrument from ABB, which uses an electro-chemical cell to measure accurately the amount of hydrazine in boiler water.

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