News | November 26, 2019

New Geothermal Power Production Technology In Northern Nevada Acquires Wellfield Equipment

UC Won, LLC has acquired the well field equipment necessary to begin testing RenewGeo technology.

Reno, NV (PRWEB) - UC Won, LLC is pleased to announce it has acquired the well field equipment necessary to begin development of the first RenewGeo power plant.

Mark Hauenstein, managing partner at UC Won, said, “We are grateful that Open Mountain Energy was willing to allow us to purchase the equipment necessary to move our project forward. It has been our goal from the beginning not only to create carbon free energy, but to develop our projects in the most sustainable manner possible. We look to repurpose existing wells and equipment whenever possible and the cooperation from an industry leader in geothermal has allowed us to advance our project and the help is appreciated very much.”

In the US and Canada, Kaishan Group partners with Open Mountain Energy of Salt Lake City, Utah on the planning, development, and operation of several geothermal power projects currently under construction. Open Mountain’s power projects include 85 MW of net power in development. The Kaishan Group is headquartered in China, has more than 4,100 employees, offices in 6 countries, and has 200 sales outlets in 60 countries.

UC Won, LLC is a Nevada limited liability company, founded in 2012 to create and manage a portfolio of intellectual properties focused on energy related technologies that are aligned with long term sustainable environmental goals.

RenewGeo ( represents the proprietary thermal storage technology called Solar Augmented Geothermal Energy where solar heat is stored in the ground to create 24/7 sustainable geothermal produced electrical power.

Geothermally produced electricity is among the few methods that provides a continuous and reliable source of clean, carbon free power. RenewGeo is the only known technology that has the potential to take solar heat to create power from large scale, in-ground thermal storage.

Source: PRWeb

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