News | December 21, 2010

New ABB Brochure Covers Benefits Of Endura AZ20 Combustion Gas Analyzer


Four-page, full-color brochure from ABB describes the benefits of the company's new Endura AZ20 analyzer for measuring oxygen concentration in combustion gases. The brochure notes that this oxygen analyzer fits harsh applications in such industries as hydrocarbon processing, power generation, and process industries.

According to the brochure, ABB has re-engineered the analyzer to incorporate rugged enclosures, self-diagnostic electronics, and automatic calibration. Options include long-life probes up to four meters long with integral or remote electronics. The units are said to deliver stability and accuracy in hot, dusty, humid and high sulfur applications.

The brochure continues with descriptions of key benefits, such as ease of use, low cost of ownership, reduced maintenance, and a variety of flange configurations. An advanced transmitter design offers easy configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics along with fast response and HART communications.

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SOURCE: ABB Measurement & Analytics

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