MPS Auto Degauss System

Source: Magnetic Products and Services, Inc. (MPS)
MPS Auto Degauss System
The Only Portable System with Automatic Full-Wave DC Downcycling
The Only Portable System with Automatic Full-Wave DC Downcycling"

MPS Auto Degauss Model D220-40-3 is the most effective demagnetizing product available today for eliminating residual magnetism in machinery components and complex structures. It is the ideal choice for applications, like magnetic particle inspection, which require subsequent demagnetizing. Compact and portable, the Auto Degauss System saves you time because both magnetizing and demagnetizing is done with the same equipment set up and cable wrap. With variable control of power, you can demagnetize large items, such as shafts, casings, and bearings, in addition to small parts, such as bolts and studs. The cable is lightweight and flexible for easy positioning when doing simple or complicated wraps. Now in its third generation of the product line, the Auto Degauss has an improved control panel, making it even easier to use. The MPS Auto Degauss, with its reliability and performance, will consistently accomplish even the toughest de-magnetizing tasks.

Features And Benefits:

  • Useful for many applications, such as Magnetic Particle Inspection (NDT testing), 'Loop' or 'Core' Testing for lamination shorts in electrical machines, or for any large object magnetizing or demagnetizing application.
  • Three Operating Modes:
    • Manual AC for surface demagnetizing.
    • Manual DC for magnetizing.
    • Automatic DC "downcycling" for sub-surface demagnetizing.

  • Uses full-wave DC during "downcycling" for quality demagnetizing.
  • Engineered for ease of operation, with interlock and alarm, preventing unwanted magnetizing.
  • Audible alarm indicates Auto Degauss cycle completion for convenient time optimization.
  • Handles large or small jobs with variable demagnetizing power.
  • Flexible 60 ft. cable reaches around large parts or into "difficult to wrap" areas.
  • Lightweight and Portable for field maintenance of machinery parts, either in place or disassembled.
  • Helps prevent costly downtime, reduces replacement of expensive parts, and safeguards against unit crashes due to shaft current damage in rotating machinery.

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