MLT 1 Multi-Component Gas Analyzer

Source: Emerson


The compact MLT 1 multi-component gas analyzer can measure up to five gas components as a stand-alone analyzer, a system control analyzer with front panel display and keypad or as an analyzer module.


  • Multi-component analyzer with multi-channel capability
  • NDIR: Microflow sensor or solid-state detector
  • NDUV/VIS: Semiconductor detector or vacuum diode
  • O2: Fast response paramagnetic or long-term stable electrochemical oxygen sensor
  • TC: Thermal conductivity cell
  • Four ranges per channel
  • Dynamic autoranging ratio 1:10 or more (up to 1:250)
  • AK protocol for automotive
  • Autocalibration via internal or external valve block controlled by digital I/O, serial interface, network, time-programmed
  • Zero and span stability by autozero and automatic gain control without span gas
  • Barometric or process pressure compensation
  • Sample flow rate measurement
  • Analog, digital and serial I/Os (SIO/DIO)