Brochure | September 26, 2013

MIOX Solutions For Bottling Plants Brochure

Source: MIOX Corporation


  • Electro Chemical Activated (ECA) Water replaces multiple chemistries
  • Move from 5-step hot CIP to a 3-step cold CIP provides significant energy savings
  • Allows 50% faster Pungent Flavor changeovers, reducing lead-times, allowing faster make-to-order and hence reducing inventory
  • Lower Corrosion than Hypochlorite┬Ľ Payback 12 months

Cooling Towers

  • Utilize the existing system to replace delivered bulk Hypochlorite to keep towers clean, free of biofilm and microorganisms
  • Legionella elimination with nonhazardous solution
  • Payback 24 months