Micro-NOx Burner

Source: Coen Company, Inc.
Micro-NOx Burner
Coen's new Micro-NOx burner is specifically designed for today's tough firetube
Coen Company, Inc.Micro-NOx burner is specifically designed for today's tough firetube and small industrial watertube boiler applications. Since its introduction in the 1980's, the original Micro-NOx burner "set the curve" by exceeding all state and local air pollution emission requirments. Coen Company continually improved the Micro-NOx burner in anticipation of EPA mandates down to state and local levels for progressively lower NOx emission limits. Now, the new Micro-NOx burner is designed to meet all your NOx emission requirements well into the next century. The Micro-NOx burner is a rugged and reliable burner proven in over 400 installations on various types of boilers, process heaters and incinerators throughout the world. If you need fast track delivery and reliability is a high priority, consider Coen Company, Inc.Micro-NOx.

  • Meets lowest emission requirements
  • Emission results are guranteed
  • Lowest flue gas recirculation levels
  • Long-term, dependable, safe operation
  • Easy installation
  • Minimum start up time

Customers look to Coen first for superior performance. Coen Company, Inc.Micro-NOx burner will meet all emission requirements of 25-30 ppm NOx comfortably with proven NOx emissions below 20 ppm. This is accomplished over a wide turndown range using minimal levels of flue gas recirculation without compromising efficiency. The new Micro-NOx performs at lower excess air levels than other burners, thus improving overall boiler efficiencies.

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