Datasheet | May 1, 2012

Memograph M RSG 40 Datasheet

The graphic data manager Memograph M provides information on all the relevant process variables.

Measured values are recorded correctly, limit values are monitored and measuring points analyzed. The data are stored in the 256 MB internal memory and also on an SD card or USB stick. Memograph M boasts a modular design, intuitive operation and a comprehensive security concept. The ReadWin® 2000 PC software is part of the standard package and is used for configuring, visualizing and archiving the data captured.

The solution for all your tasks. For example, for:

  • Process measuring technology
  • Power stations and energy supply
  • Food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Environmental and climate measuring technology
  • Quality assurance and production
  • Plant and apparatus engineering and construction
  • Milk pasteurization plants
  • Steam boiler monitoring/efficiency calculation
  • Testing bays and laboratory applications