News | April 9, 2013

Membrana Enters Into A Distributor Agreement With AquaControl BV To Expand Its Sales And Support Network In Russia

Source: 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division

Membrana GmbH is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with AquaControl BV to provide local sales and service for 3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors and 3M Liqui-Flux Ultrafiltration Modules in Russia. This agreement provides Russian customers with improved access to Membrana’s gas transfer and ultrafiltration products. This agreement became effective November 1, 2012 and AquaControl will service the agreement from its Samara office.

“We are excited to tap AquaControl’s knowledge of the water treatment industry. This agreement will allow us to gain greater momentum in dissolved gas control applications throughout the Russian market,” states Chad Schuchmann, 3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactor VP.

Dr. Oliver Becker, Liqui-Flux® Business Manager says, “AquaControl’s expertise in water and wastewater treatment and detailed technical knowledge of Membrana’s ultrafiltration products is highly valued. This addition will greatly enhance support and dialogue with our Russian customers.”

Membrana-Charlotte combines application knowledge and membrane contactor technology expertise to provide innovative separation solutions. 3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors have low energy requirements and can reduce chemical use which contributes to low operating costs and supports customer sustainability objectives. 3M Liqui-Cel Contactors are modular and compact and can achieve very low dissolved gas outlet concentrations. They are rapidly replacing older deaeration technologies as the product of choice in power generation, semiconductor, hydrocarbon, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, analytical/biotechnology and many other industries. 3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors also operate cleanly and require a much smaller footprint compared to other technologies. These devices have processed over 620,000 m3/hr (2.7 million gpm) of liquids worldwide and have been operating in a variety of applications for over 20 years.

3M Liqui-Flux Ultrafiltration Modules are used in in many water treatment applications, including wastewater re-use, pre-treatment to RO, process water and drinking water. These devices use UltraPESTM capillary membrane for superior permeability and mechanical strength. Using proprietary Multifiber P.E.T.® Technology, hollow fibers are entwined with a spacer yarn that provides additional membrane stability. These multifiber strands are encased in rigid polypropylene nettings that are positioned in an advantageous hydrodynamic arrangement inside of a PVC vessel. This arrangement forms a narrowing annular gap, ensuring even pressure distribution during backwash.

About Membrana GmbH
Membrana GmbH is a Division of Polypore International, Inc. Polypore is a global high technology filtration company specializing in microporous membranes. Polypore's flat sheet and hollow fiber membranes are used in specialized applications that require the removal or separation of various materials from liquids, primarily in the ultrafiltration and microfiltration markets.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Polypore International, Inc. is a global leader with manufacturing facilities and sales offices in ten countries serving six continents.

SOURCE: 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division