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05.16.19 -- Measuring Hydrogen In Water-Cooled Stators

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Measuring Hydrogen In Water-Cooled Stators
By Swan Analytical USA

Maintaining generator temperature is critical to efficient power plant operation. Utility generators typically employ hydrogen to cool the generator; however, many also use high-purity water in addition to hydrogen. The Swan AMI Hydrogen analyzer provides a reliable monitor for measuring dissolved hydrogen in stator cooling water. The monitor comes complete with transmitter, flow cell, and sensor all pre-mounted on a durable stainless-steel panel for quick installation and startup.

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Home In Rocky Mountains Demonstrates Payoff For Energy Efficiency Concepts

ABB HygenicMaster electromagnetic meters play an important role in the highly instrumented residence of Amory Lovins, cofounder of the Rocky Mountain Institute. The Rocky Mountain Institute, a nonprofit organization, drives the efficient and restorative use of resources. One area of its many efforts is the study of advanced energy efficiency in buildings.

Waste Incineration: HCl, SO2, SO3, And Effective Air Pollution Control

DSI can be effective for sorbent injection as “trim” at the end of an existing system, and provides a flexible technology to cut pollutants during peaks. Find out why dry sodium sorbents in a DSI system are cost-effective and efficient—and more—in this issue of the SOLVAir Breeze.

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PROflex Reverse Osmosis Systems

SUEZ has delivered over 1000 PRO Series reverse osmosis (RO) systems since its launch over a decade ago. The PRO has always been known as a rugged, industrial RO, capable of delivering consistent product water over years of operation. The PROflex line originated in feedback from our many customers on how to make the PRO even better.

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