Materials Testing

Source: Bodycote IMT, Inc.
Materials testing is a vital activity for many industries
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Materials testing is a vital activity for many industries. Bodycote provides a means of validating products, controlling quality and determining specification compliance. Our testing capabilities provide the base for additional services including consulting, failure analysis, product and process development and R&D.

Areas of expertise include:


Mechanical, Chemical, Metallurgical, Failure Analysis, Hardness, Welds, Fatigue, Creep, Stress Rupture, Vibration, Corrosion Studies, etc.


Furniture Testing, Health Care Products, Food Products, Household Items, Food Packaging, Toys, Ballistic Testing, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, etc.

Polymer, Plastic, Adhesives, Composite & Coatings:

Chemical, Mechanical, Thermal Properties, Pipe Testing, Finite Element Analysis, Formulation, Resin Synthesis, Medical Devices, Failure Analysis Seminars, Weathering & Aging Studies, etc.


Chemical & Physical Characterization, Pre-formulation, Formulation, Drug Dissolution, Stability, Method Development and Validation, Microbiology, Microscopy, Product and Process evaluation, etc.

Environmental Testing:

Water Analysis, Soil Analysis, Ecotoxicology (water testing), Air Quality, Stack Sampling, Treatability Studies, Underground Tank Removal, Biological Hazards, Noise and Dosimetry Survey etc.


Surface Flammability, Heat Release, Smoke & Toxic Gas Generation, Degrees of Combustibility, Thermal Protection, Ease of Ignition, Autoignition Temperatures, etc.


Fiber Identifications, Colour Fastness, Dyeing Properties, Yarn Test, Fabric Thickness, Fabric Performance Testing (Air Permeability, Shrinkage, Water Resistance etc.), Carpet Testing (Stain Resistance, Electrostatic Properties) etc.

Construction & Building Materials:

Evaluations of Buildings, Building Envelopes, Construction Products, Plastic Pipe Testing, Window Testing, Insulation Testing, HVAC Performance, etc.

Engineering & Transportation:

Climatic & Dynamic Simulation Testing (MAST, Transit Buses, Trucks, Cars,) Engine & Emissions, Fuel & Lubricant Testing, Computer Aided Engineering, Troubleshooting, etc.

Solar & Weathering:

Fadometers, Weatherometers, Ozone Chambers, Solar Exposure as well as Temperature and Humidity Cycling.

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