Materials Testing

Source: Bodycote IMT, Inc.

Materials testing is a vital activity for many industries
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Materials testing is a vital activity for many industries. Bodycote provides a means of validating products, controlling quality and determining specification compliance. Our testing capabilities provide the base for additional services including consulting, failure analysis, product and process development and R&D.

Areas of expertise include:

Metals: Mechanical, Chemical, Metallurgical, Failure Analysis, Hardness, Welds, Fatigue, Creep, Stress Rupture, Vibration, Corrosion Studies, etc.

Products: Furniture Testing, Health Care Products, Food Products, Household Items, Food Packaging, Toys, Ballistic Testing, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, etc.

Polymer, Plastic, Adhesives, Composite & Coatings: Chemical, Mechanical, Thermal Properties, Pipe Testing, Finite Element Analysis, Formulation, Resin Synthesis, Medical Devices, Failure Analysis Seminars, Weathering & Aging Studies, etc.

Pharmaceutical: Chemical & Physical Characterization, Pre-formulation, Formulation, Drug Dissolution, Stability, Method Development and Validation, Microbiology, Microscopy, Product and Process evaluation, etc.

Environmental Testing: Water Analysis, Soil Analysis, Ecotoxicology (water testing), Air Quality, Stack Sampling, Treatability Studies, Underground Tank Removal, Biological Hazards, Noise and Dosimetry Survey etc.

Flammability: Surface Flammability, Heat Release, Smoke & Toxic Gas Generation, Degrees of Combustibility, Thermal Protection, Ease of Ignition, Autoignition Temperatures, etc.

Textiles: Fiber Identifications, Colour Fastness, Dyeing Properties, Yarn Test, Fabric Thickness, Fabric Performance Testing (Air Permeability, Shrinkage, Water Resistance etc.), Carpet Testing (Stain Resistance, Electrostatic Properties) etc.

Construction & Building Materials: Evaluations of Buildings, Building Envelopes, Construction Products, Plastic Pipe Testing, Window Testing, Insulation Testing, HVAC Performance, etc.

Engineering & Transportation: Climatic & Dynamic Simulation Testing (MAST, Transit Buses, Trucks, Cars,) Engine & Emissions, Fuel & Lubricant Testing, Computer Aided Engineering, Troubleshooting, etc.

Solar & Weathering: Fadometers, Weatherometers, Ozone Chambers, Solar Exposure as well as Temperature and Humidity Cycling.

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