News | July 10, 2017

Marubeni Commences Operation Of Biomass Power Project In Tsuruga City, Fukui

On July 1, Marubeni Corporation ("Marubeni") commenced commercial operation of a biomass power plant owned by Tsuruga Green Power Corporation, which was established by Marubeni Thermal Power Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marubeni.

The new power plant will use imported unutilized wooden chips and has a total capacity of 37 MW, equivalent to the electricity usage of 70,000 regular households. The new power plant will serve as a new power source for Marubeni’s wholly-owned subsidiary Marubeni Power Retail Corp’s Power Producer & Supplier (PPS) business. Marubeni began construction of the power plant in November 2015, leasing an area of approximately 22,000 m2 from Toyobo Co., Ltd., located on the premises of its Tsuruga Factory II. After running trials and performance tests from April 2017, Marubeni brought the plant to commercial operation.

In the renewable energy business, Marubeni has been developing and operating 18 projects in Japan, such a solar power, wind power, in addition to hydro power through its wholly-owned subsidiary Mibugawa Power Company. Marubeni will continue to produce environmentally friendly power, and contribute to the stable supply of electric power and activate the local economy.

SOURCE: Marubeni Corporation