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'Lowest Bid Wins' Mentality Of North America's Construction Industry Is Threatening Environmental Returns

Vancouver, BC /PRNewswire/ - Opening a panel debate this week at PAQS2017, Adrian Ryan, Director, Fēnix Energy gave a stark warning about how the "low cost, Tender – Bid – Build approach" faced by the engineering, design and construction industries, is not only "threatening the economic returns of doing it right the first time", it's impacting the "substantial business case for investing in renewables."

Joining some of the world's leading scientists and environmentalists like David Suzuki, Adrian shared insights during a session on Environmental Resourcing: BC's Energy Factor. The three-day Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors congress focused on Green Developments: The New Era, and was hosted by the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

Representing Fēnix Energy Solutions Ltd., Adrian explained how the clean technology company was building a growing reputation among developers and municipalities for delivering Thermal Energy Assets from city high-rises. The company's approach upgrades buildings to harvest, store and trade thermal energy. By quantifying the increased asset value and predicting the revenue possible from selling energy to tenants or utilities, Fēnix demonstrates to commercial real estate investors the return on investment, even before a project proceeds.

In closing his address, Adrian reminded Quantity Surveyors of the important role they play in making infrastructure work from an economic and environmental perspective. By changing their formula from a cost to a revenue-focus, more asset owners will clearly see the business case for investing in renewables. Creating a win for the environment, community and the bottom-line.

About Fēnix Energy
Founded in 2010 with a vision to create the greenest cities across North America one building at a time, Fēnix Energy is growing a reputation among developers, municipalities and utilities for leading the delivery of thermal energy solutions. By upgrading the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems of high-rise buildings (new or old), Fēnix turns developments into Thermal Energy Assets that harvest, store and trade energy. Completely scalable, our solutions work for a single building, multiple buildings within a development (Network Energy System®), or across a city (Eco-District). Fēnix Energy's solutions create a win for the environment and the bottom line; making the business case for investing in renewables an undeniable one.

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