News | December 2, 2020

KOMAX Desuperheaters Providing Solutions In Power Generation

Huntington Beach, CA /PRNewswire/ - Komax Systems, Inc., the leader in advanced desuperheater technology, has created an innovative solution to improve power generation.

Desuperheaters Role in Power Generation
The desuperheater plays an important role in power generation, where superheated steam is usually used as an energy source. Superheated steam has important advantages, on applications as an example when utilized in power stations to drive turbines. In the power generation industry, it serves a crucial function of drying out the steam. It is important that dry steam is used for power generation because water droplets could damage the power-generating turbines.

Desuperheating is the method by which superheated steam is restored to its saturated state or reduces the temperature. The advantages of using superheated steam to drive turbines is the improvement of thermal efficiency and work capability.

Desuperheaters and Turbine Bypass
When a desuperheater is installed to reduce the pressure of superheated steam that is distributed around a turbine or another power engine, it is called turbine bypass desuperheating. The turbine bypass system plays a major role as it may need to immediately cut back to minimum load and then back to maximum capacity. While it does not operate continuously it must be able to operate fast and effectively.

Distinctive Innovation
The Komax Desuperheater utilizes a unique approach to desuperheating compared to conventional desuperheaters. They saw a common problem within traditional superheaters and designed and patented the Equalizer Mixing Module. This feature is built into all of the desuperheaters they design.

The module makes for quick and efficient absorption of water into the superheated steam line. Resulting in the desired outcome in a more efficient way than any other in the industry.

Superior Technology
Komax pursues technological excellence while continuously innovating and developing new solutions for many industries and applications.

Komax excels in cutting-edge technology for creating a diverse range of solutions Static Mixers, Direct Injection Steam Heaters, Desuperheaters, and Heat Exchangers that are resilient energy-saving and capable of solving the most complex mixing and heat transfer challenges.

The Komax Desuperheater will exceed your expectations by increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

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Source: Komax Systems Inc.

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