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Komax Desuperheater Technology: Leading The LNG And Power Plant Industries

Huntington Beach, CA /PRNewswire/ - Komax Systems, Inc., a global leader in advanced inline static mixing and direct injection steam heating technologies. Their gas or steam desuperheater are a must in an LNG and power plant setting and for numerous plants, the KOMAX brand is the only place to turn to.

Desuperheater's Role in Power Generation
The Desuperheater plays a vital role in power generation, where superheated steam is often used as an energy source. They are commonly used to reduce and condition the temperature of superheated steam in power plants, which is used as an energy source for mechanical power generation in steam turbines.

The Desuperheater uses an effective and unique method to inject water and maximize the surface contact area between steam and water in order to increase the rate of evaporation of water. In its application, the desuperheater injects water through several small vortices into the high-speed steam path where water converts into small drops of water.

It can be injected into various types of gases in order to produce different sorts of vapors. It is one of the most extensive applications found in the LNG plant setting.

Fuel of the Future: LNG
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), which is predicted to be the fuel of the future, requires desuperheaters for cooling purposes. LNG is a natural gas in a highly cooled state to convert it into liquid.

LNG desuperheaters are forever making energy plants more efficient and keeping plants functional at reduced costs. These devices are specifically designed for LNG terminals, and by direct injection, they ensure secure discharge of the LNG carrier.

Plant numbers continue to increase throughout the world, and the need for the technology to keep those plants functional at lower costs is critical. Komax Systems Inc. is the one company that is keeping up with the massive increase in demand for the steam desuperheater necessary to ensure these LNG plants are more effective.

Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Reasonable
Komax technology has over 100,000 installations throughout the world including their range of the Steam Desuperheater and the LNG Desuperheater. The Komax Desuperheater will increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your gas desuperheating application at a reasonable price point.

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Source: Komax Systems Inc.

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