J-Press® Overhead Filter Press

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

State-of-the-Art Filter Press engineered to meet your specific dewatering application needs.

The J-Press® Overhead Filter Press from Evoqua Water Technologies is an efficient means of dewatering. Available in sizes up to 2 meters, this state-of-the art filter press can be engineered to meet your specific dewatering application. The J-Press Overhead Filter Press offers the most advanced automation available. The J-Press line of Overhead Filter Presses continues to set the benchmark for system efficiency, with versatile, high performance solutions.

The workhorse of high volume dewatering, J-Press® Overhead Filter Presses incorporate proven technologies in compression and tension designs. Both bear the J-Press hallmark: exceptional performance under the most demanding applications, ease of use and minimal maintenance. In short, J-Press is engineered to deliver your greatest return on investment.

J-Press delivers high cake solids and clear filtrate, even with difficult alum sludge in municipal water production. Its solid, heavy steel construction is enhanced by intelligent design that permits easy access to all plates and operating parts. Available in a wide range of capacities and with feed pressures up to 20 bar, J-Press may be configured to your specifications for press filling, plate technology, dewatering, cake discharge, automation and takeaway. J-Press can adapt to different dewatering requirements, often with minimal change over, making it ideal for the flexibility often required in industrial processing. Available with comprehensive options, J-Press is designed to accommodate future expansions and continuous system improvements.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant rollers used on both plates and follower
  • Variable speed shifter minimizes press cleaning time for more cycles per day
  • Optional stainless steel wear strips on overhead beams at wheel contact points of suspension brackets assure long service life
  • Easy access to filter plates — for manual or automatic cake removal, inspection and cloth servicing
  • Plate suspension brackets designed to provide parallel plate movement and nesting without any swaying or skewing during shifting
  • Plate shifter tightly nests plates and maintains consistent opening space from end to end
  • Automatic latching mechanism ensures shifting of only one plate at a time
  • Integrated circuits hydraulic technology provides exceptional press performance under a wide range of temperature, slurry and pressure requirements
  • Air blowdown manifold aids in cake release while assuring maximum cake dryness and removal of residual filtrate
  • Complete PLC capability for automatic sequencing of all press functions
  • Adaptive Process Control results in consistently higher cake solids and shorter cycle times

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