News | March 8, 2019

Intelligent Power Generation (IPG) Selected To Present At CleanEquity® Monaco 2019

London /PRNewswire/ - Intelligent Power Generation (IPG) will present at CleanEquity® Monaco 2019 on 14th & 15th March at the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

CleanEquity® is an annual invitation-only event hosted by Innovator Capital, the London based specialist investment bank. The conference provides an intimate and collegiate setting for inventors and entrepreneurs to share their stories with delegates - key decision makers looking to assist them with reaching their commercial and strategic goals.

Other partners and sponsors include Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation, APCO Worldwide, Cision, Covington & Burling, Cranfield, Hobbs & Towne, Monaco Economic Board, Parkview International and Reliance Industries.

Intelligent Power Generation (IPG) has been identified by an expert panel as one of the world's most innovative sustainable technology companies and has been selected to present to selected sovereign, corporate, family and professional investors & acquires, policy makers, end users and international trade media.

IPG is a cleantech business focussed on efficient, fuel-flexible, power solutions. IPG's System has up to 51% electrical efficiency in stackable modules from 100 kW+ to 20MW, delivering powerplant efficiencies in a low-cost, ultra-low emissions, and scalable turnkey-package. This step change in generating capabilities, provided through our patented ceramic turbine technology, places IPG's System as a direct replacement to the internal combustion engine in both static and mobile applications as well as providing compelling competition to centralised power generation.

The high electrical efficiency of the IPG System not only enables CO2 reductions of up to 57%, but fuel costs reductions of up 76% compared to incumbent distributed technologies. These benefits combine to offer a viable alternative to existing technologies and large, expensive centralised powerplants, which can cost $480m for a 430 MW advanced gas power plant. IPG technology offers a grid-independent solution for power generation. IPG's innovative use of flameless combustion prevents the formation of harmful pollutants, such as NOx, SOx, CO, and particulate matter. Furthermore, IPG technology could enable nations with limited grid infrastructure to circumvent large capital investment in transmission and distribution lines.

Energy is transforming, electrification of transport places increasing pressure on existing grid infrastructure while frontier markets are rapid developing, increasing demand for both on- and off-grid solutions.

The role of fuel-based technologies is not disappearing, but shifting from constant baseload to variable demand, where they play a crucial role in supporting intermittency and seasonal limitations of renewables. The challenge faced by these fuel-based technologies is how to provide variable demand output without efficiency loss, or significant capital investment. The solution is IPG's System, with 51% electrical efficiency, fuel-flexibility, and modularity from 100 kW to 20 MW+, enabling distributed generation with electrical efficiencies expected for centralised powerplants.

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SOURCE: Innovator Capital

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