Integrated Solutions

Source: EFI, Inc. (Environmental Futures, Inc.)
Are you ready to improve how you manage your solid waste and save $90 million while you're at it?

Are you ready to improve how you manage your solid waste and save $90 million while you're at it?

Environmental concerns and fiscal realities have given rise to public pressure to manage solid waste in a comprehensive manner, and to divert usable resources back into the production cycle. Capacity constraints and stricter environmental standards are resulting in widespread landfill closure. Waste-to-energy projects are struggling to attract waste and to meet new air pollution control and ash management regulations. Siting of new waste transfer. Processing and disposal capacity is increasingly difficult.

Proven Leaders

EFI works to develop integrated waste management systems that conserve resources, ensure adequate disposal capacity and efficiently utilize public and private capital while fostering innovative and cost-effective solutions for difficult-to-manage wastes.

For the past six years, we have helped 500,000 citizens in 23 Massachusetts communities manage their municipal waste. Formed in the 1980's to address solid waste disposal issues, the North East Solid Waste Committee (NESWC) communities fund and maintain a waste-to-energy facility that processes 415,000 tons of solid waste every year-half from the communities themselves and half from private haulers. In exchange, these communities receive 89.5% of the facilities energy revenues and 100 percent of disposal revenues from the private haulers-and we are talking 200,000 tons of garbage!

Understanding Waste Management

Our professional staff is equipped to deal with the complexities of integrated waste management systems. Using technical, environmental, communication and implementation expertise, we partner with our clients to achieve environmentally and economically sound programs.

Since 1993, EFI has initiated and undertaken several measures to reduce the burden facing the communities affiliated with NESWC.

  • Renegotiated the electricity power purchase contract in 1994, resulting in an additional $14 million in energy revenues to the project.
  • Developed and implemented a pilot recycling incentive program, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, resulting in over $1.5 million in revenues to the communities.
  • Initiated an addition to the electricity deregulation legislation passed in 1998 that creates a "renewables" fund in an effort to defray costs to the NESWC communities by as much as $20 million.
  • Negotiated a reduction of the communities' share of the cost of the retrofit required by the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 from an original estimate of $66 million down to a NESWC community share of $17 million, saving $49 million.
  • Worked with the state Legislature and Administration to obtain $3 million in the FY 99 Capital Supplemental budget.
  • Serve as the North East Region 3 MRIP Recycling Coordinator assisting 34 communities expand their recycling programs. The NESWC communities have increased their recycling rate from the teens to over thirty percent.
  • Helped implement the Minuteman Hazardous Household Products Facility, the first regional permanent HHP Facility in the state, which in its first year of operation diverted over 40,000 gallons of HHPe.

We Provide Solutions

Let our experience managing the North East Solid Waste Committee help you. EFI provides comprehensive services in a range of areas including:

  • Strategic Planning/Implementation
  • Contract Negotiations and Management
  • Management of Financial Operations
  • Integrated Waste Plan Development and Management Program Design
  • Performance Monitoring-Best Practices/Benchmarking
  • Crisis Management

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