Integrated Software

Source: Intergraph Corporation
Integrated Software
SmartPlant Explorer is web browser-based software.
SmartPlant Explorer is web browser-based software. Version 3.1 features new functionality for accessing, viewing, querying and reporting on Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID piping and instrumentation design information as well as Intergraph Intools instrumentation engineering data via the Web, in an e-engineering environment.

This software is designed to make plant information exponentially more valuable. From conceptual design of the P&ID to detail instrumentation system design to modeling and construction, it enables users to access and report on interrelated data in a single, familiar Web environment. Because it presents design data in context of the user's needs, it turns facility data into information usable throughout the plant life cycle. Users navigate easily among related information. It is designed to read data directly from multiple sources, and ensure information accuracy and currency, eliminate dependence on dated paper documents or duplicate sources and help engineers quickly find the information they need.

The P&ID module accesses the intelligent diagrams and linked engineering data created by Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID. The module provides search, view and reporting capabilities through a logical, hierarchical "tree" structure. P&ID schematics are instantly converted to a Web-viewable format, complete with hyperlinks to the underlying intelligent engineering data. Users can query the P&ID database and generate a variety of standard reports in Microsoft Excel format. The INtools module allows users to find and display graphical and tabular data as a Web page. Engineers and allied personnel can prepare more than 20 types of reports, including graphical reports of loops, terminal strips and point-to-point wiring diagrams as well as tabular reports such as instrument indexes, calculation sheets, specifications and ISA standard equipment data sheets. Users can also generate standard or custom reports in Microsoft Excel format.

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