Intake Services

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

Keeping your intake system equipment in working order is mission critical for municipal drinking water, power generation plants and water dependent industries. That’s why we offer full service and maintenance for your water intake.

From channel cleaning to bar rack repair and total traveling water screen maintenance, our service crews are up to the task. We repair all of the world’s leading traveling water screen brands. You can rely upon us for sound recommendations on keeping your equipment running reliably and economically. Even if your current intake screen isn’t from us, we’re ready to assist you.

Evoqua Water Technologies serves as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for traveling water screens in over 10,000 installations worldwide! Let our team of fully-qualified experts provide you with a free top-side assessment to evaluate the current condition of your screen(s).

This assessment will:

  • Check wear indicators to expose areas of concern and possible failure
  • Determine approxomate extimated remaining liefe expectancy of key componens
  • Review overall operations of screen(s) for performance and proper adjustment
  • Provide plant personnel with summary of findings and recommendations for equipment

For your free top-side assessment call Ken DeCoursey at (215) 712-7061.

We have major wear components in stock and our safety-rated teams are available worldwide to assist with emergencies or scheduled maintenance.

Services Offered:

  • All brands and types of traveling water screens
  • Trash rakes
  • Bar racks, stop logs/gates
  •  Debris removal, mud pumping, and well cleaning Inspections – top side and/or full dive General repairs and maintenance
  • Maintenance agreements

Key Benefits:

  • Most highly trained expert crews in the industry
  • Services performed to original OEM specifications
  • Extended equipment life
  • Less downtime
  •  Lower maintenance costs
  • Avoiding catastrophic failure
  • Full written inspection report with video

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