Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector Wide Area Coverage for Pressurized Gas Leaks

Source: Emerson

The Incus is an advanced gas leak detector that uses four sensitive acoustic sensors to monitor wide areas for the ultrasound generated from pressurized gas releases.

Ideally suited for monitoring ventilated outdoor applications, the Incus has been engineered to withstand extreme conditions. Detection is unaffected by inclement weather, wind, leak direction, or gas dilution, with fast speed of response.

  • Instantaneous response to all gas leaks (toxic, combustible, or inert)
  • Operates in extreme temperatures
  • Automated electronic self-test offers failsafe operation
  • Widest area of coverage through four independent sensors
  • 4–20 mA analog or stepped, “multi-drop” RS-485 digital interface, and HART® communication protocol
  • Certified worldwide for hazardous locations
  • Innovative mapping tool helps optimize coverage for a target risk
  • Programmable time delays screen intermittent unwanted alarm sources