IFS Wins Another Customer in Migration from TCM™ Software to IFS e-Business and Enterprise Solutions

Source: IFS
New web-based components will manage the entire supply chain for leading bird feeder business, Opus Inc.
IFSzona, June 13, 2000 -- IFS announced today that it will convert another business, Opus Inc., from Time Critical Manufacturing (TCM) software to the IFS Applications 2000™ e-business and enterprise solution. The conversion continues IFS' plans for TCM users to easily migrate to a solid end-to-end e-business solution based on IFS' web-based components. IFS acquired the TCM developer, Effective Management Systems Inc., in 1999 as part of IFS' on-going expansion in North America.

Opus, located in Bellingham, Massachusetts, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of bird feeders, bird feeder accessories, and terra cotta home and garden products. Its products sell in retail outlets across the nation, including Wal-Mart stores.

"The IFS Migration Toolkit™ was instrumental in our decision to convert from the TCM to IFS software. The step-by-step approach of the toolkit gives us confidence that the transition will proceed in a logical manner," said John Stone, Opus' president and chief executive officer. "The switch to IFS will provide an integrated system that spans our entire operation, from back office functions to the ever important management of customer relationships and e-business."

President and Chief Executive Officer of IFS North America Terje Vangbo commented, "Changes in a company's fundamental business practices, whether it's adding a web store front or implementing a new enterprise system, don't have to be disruptive or risky. We designed the Migration Toolkit to eliminate such fears for TCM users making the move to IFS. It provides a safe, predictable and affordable path for quickly converting TCM systems to IFS e-business capabilities and business applications."

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Industrial & Financial Systems, IFS AB, develops and supplies business applications that span the entire demand and supply chain. The company's approach to e-business allows customers to move step-by-step from their present operations to a solid e-business strategy that seamlessly integrates web storefronts, front office applications, and back office operations right down to the shop floor.

The IFS business concept is to increase a company's freedom of action and competitiveness by offering integrated solutions consisting of standardized business components. IFS uses proven, third-generation component technology and it is, therefore, easy to add a wide variety of new e-business or enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities.

IFS Applications includes web-based ERP components, Internet storefronts, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, connectivity to other ERP solutions, and collaboration with process control systems as well as a variety of e-commerce engines. IFS Applications offers over 50 functional business components for improving business processes in medium-to-large size companies.
With over 3,400 employees and products sold in 41 countries through 63 offices around the world, IFS is the world's fastest-growing company in the business applications market.

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