Newsletter | April 8, 2021

04.08.21 -- How Isolation Seals Protect Transmitters When Measuring Difficult Fluids

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Ansaldo Energia Utilized The Cloud To Increase Asset Availability And Reliability While Reducing Maintenance Costs

Ansaldo Energia is a 160-year-old company headquartered in Genoa, Italy, and a leading producer of thermoelectric power generation plants with a focus on plant engineering, manufacturing, and service. The company has over 100 power plants and 300 gas turbines around the world and provides remote monitoring services for customers in 13 countries. 

DryTec IC5 Feeder

Designed for commercial fruit and vegetable water treatment, the DryTec IC5 Feeder featuring EPA-registered DryTec® FG Briquettes provides reliable chlorine solutions. The DryTec system delivers liquid-available chlorine for disinfection applications that kill bacteria, control algae, and remove organic contaminants, producing clean, clear, sanitized water.

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