High Temperature Resistant Coatings & Coatings Under Insulation (CUI)

Source: Sherwin-Williams
High Temperature Resistant Coatings & Coatings Under Insulation (CUI)
Sherwin-Williams offers a comprehensive line of ambient and heat-cured high-temperature-resistant coatings for stacks and boilers in a wide variety of colors.
We also offer corrosion resistant products that resist cyclical wet/dry high temperature and corrosion environments for piping requiring Coatings Under Insulation (CUI). Too often, corrosion that occurs under insulation is not discovered until the insulation is removed, and at that point, piping may be corroded beyond repair. To protect against that, Sherwin-Williams offers products such as:
  • Cor-Cote® HT, an epoxy novolac amine formulated for tank linings and piping under thermal insulation at elevated temperatures. It is ideal for wet/dry cycling up to 425 degrees F. A high-solids chemically-resistant lining, Cor-Cote HT provides single-coat application for a fast return to service.

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