ACTIFLO® / MULTIFLO™ High-Rate Clarification and Softening Solutions

Source: Veolia Water Technologies
ACTIFLO® / MULTIFLO™ High-Rate Clarification and Softening Solutions

ACTIFLO® / MULTIFLO™ provide high-rate clarification and softening solutions to the Power Industry. Excellent for both new power units or replacing large circular clarifiers at existing plant sites.

Our clarification and softening solutions can be used for the treatment of:

  • Process water
  • Cooling tower make-up
  • Cooling tower blowdown or sidestream
  • Wastewater



Produce Quality Water Quickly
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies realizes our Power customers need to come back online quickly to generate revenue when profitability is at its peak. As renewables grow in percentage of power produced, this trend will continue to grow due to periodic loss of wind and sun. High-rate treatment will ensure the water meets quality quickly for a fast start-up, and therefore a higher profitability level for your company.

Clarification in a Small Footprint
If you need additional space on your existing site or your new power unit space is restricted, these devices are extremely compact, typically occupying only 10 to 20 percent of the space required by conventional clarifiers. This space can be used for other assets. (The photo shows two ACTIFLO® package units that treat 5.8 MGD of wastewater.)

Two premier clarification processes from Veolia – ACTIFLO® and MULTIFLO™ are now equipped with a Turbomix™ draft-tube reactor to further minimize the footprint of our high-rate clarification processes. The Turbomix reactor is designed to optimize the efficiency of the precipitation and flocculation reactions. Turbomix ensures optimum utilization of all chemicals, enhanced reaction kinetics and a smaller footprint.

High-rate Softening Solutions
Increase the cycles of concentration in your cooling towers by reducing hardness, TSS, silica and other constituents using our high-rate softening systems based on the ACTIFLO® and MULTIFLO processes. They utilize the Turbomix reactor with softening chemistry and controlled sludge recirculation to enhance the formation of crystalline compounds that rapidly settle in the lamella clarification tank.


The benefits of our softening solutions are:

Compact Design: The footprint of the high-rate softening technologies is 10 to 20 times less than that of a conventional precipitation softening system.

Flexible and Robust: The hydraulic design of the sections within the treatment unit promotes optimum flow distribution and consistent operation, achieving high water quality quickly.

Plant-wide Automation: The process can be fully automated and integrated into your plant SCADA for easy remote control.

Application Expertise for ACTIFLO® and MULTIFLO™ Ensures the Best Solution
The ACTIFLO® process uses microsand as a seed for floc formation. Polymeric addition causes the floc to build around the microsand, which acts as a ballast that causes rapid settling, enabling extremely high overflow rates, small footprint and ability to accept large spikes in inlet turbidity. The MULTIFLO™ operates without microsand, but with Turbomix it can use sludge recirculation and thickening to accomplish a similar affect. The choice of MULTIFLO™ or ACTIFLO® depends on your water characteristics. Our process expertise will ensure the best solution for your application.

Pilot Demonstration Testing is Available
Mobile pilot testing units are available to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technologies at your site. Pilot testing enables us to optimize the treatment process prior to design, minimize costs, and provide a performance guarantee for your full-scale system.