HD-28.2J Large Generator and Turbine Balancer

Source: American Hofmann Corporation

HD-28.2J Large Generator and Turbine Balancer
A large horizontal balancing machine for growth engine programs
A large horizontal balancing machine for growth engine programs. The high stiffness and extreme rigidity of the system enables outboard fan and booster balancing with easy access and loading, and also maintains the high sensitivity needed for lighter inboard components. The shroud can be opened and closed easily by one person and has a powered locking system with full safety interlocks.

American Hofmann Corporation has supplied balancing systems to the aerospace and industrial power industries for more than twenty years. Applications include gas turbine engines and associated accessories for aircraft, marine, and industrial power installations, and steam turbines for industrial power generation. We provide complete turnkey solutions for the turbine industry ad these include horizontal and vertical balancing systems, tooling packages, moment scales, blade distribution software, accessories, and training in balancing theory and applications. As the preferred vendor for new growth engine applications, AHC is the leader in establishing new mechanical designs and sensitivity requirements for the turbine industry.

An example of American Hofmann Corporation innovation is the first ever Automatic Indexing feature on an 80,000 Ib industrial power turbine application machine. After a measuring run, the machine operator simply presses a button and a secondary drive system rotates the workpiece to the appropriate position for correction. This system includes a log and brake functions, both operated via a foot switch, to rotate and then hold the rotor in position for easy loading and unloading of turbine blades.

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