News | December 21, 2017

Grupa Enea's New 1075 MW Power Plant Transferred To Operation

Grupa Enea is opening a new chapter in the history of the Polish energy sector, by transferring to operation an investment that is important for the national power and electricity system -- a 1075 MW gross supercritical parameters power unit in Elektrownia Kozienice (power plant). On 19 December 2017 an investment transfer to operation certificate has been signed, thus officially confirming completion of the unit construction. The most modern power generating unit in the country strengthens Poland's energy security and Grupa Enea's market position.

The so-called B11 [Unit 11], as referred to by its abbreviation, is the Grupa Enea's largest investment. A high-performance power unit has a gross power of 1,075 MW. Through the use of advanced technological solutions for supercritical steam parameters the unit achieves the efficiency at the level of 45.6%, which allows for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by about 25% in relation to emissions from the existing coal-fired units.

The most modern solutions in the scope of boiler, turbine and generator design of the new unit in Kozienice, allow to obtain the same amount of electrical power with with a lower consumption of fuel, which is hard coal. . This allows the B11 to achieve the best environmental parameters and to optimize the cost of power generation. 1075 MW power, high efficiency and high availability of the unit of over 92% make the B11 a record-breaker in the history of the domestic energy sector. The unit is also one of the largest and most efficient of this type in the world.

The B11 strengthens exponentially the Grupa Enea's and Poland's power-generating capacities, thus increasing the country's energy security.

Environment-friendly power
The unit has been designed to meet the most stringent environmental standards introduced in the European Union. The B11 not only meets, but also exceeds the requirements coming into effect from the 2021, pursuant to the guidelines of the Industrial Emissions Directive. This result has been achieved through the use of modern systems and installations, including the SCR (selective catalytic reduction), electrofilters and Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) with wet lime method. For the environmental protection also the unit's high efficiency is of significant importance. The new unit in Elektrownia Kozienice also saves water - the unit operates in the so-called closed circuit. This is allowed by the 185-meter high cooling tower. Its task is to lower the temperature of water used in a closed circuit for cooling the entire system. During the unit's operation, this gigantic structure mainly emits water vapor.

Challenging investment from the safety perspective
Construction works on the 1,075 MW unit began in 2012 and the cornerstone for the B11 was laid on 21 November [2012]. The General Contractor for the investment was a consortium consisting of Hitachi Mitsubishi Power Systems Europe GmbH (MHPSE) - one of the world leaders in power-generation installation and Polimex-Mostostal - a Polish leader in the implementation of power and infrastructure investments. The Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Group supplied the boiler with coal bunkers, mills and combustion control instrumentation/devices.

The turbine and generator set that are the heart of the new unit, along with their components and flue gas desulphurization equipment come from the Japan-based parent company Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd. Polimex-Mostostal was responsible for key civil, structural and finishing works.
At its peak, some 3200 specialists were working on the construction site at the same time. The entire project was composed of about 30 thousand specific tasks. Their precise execution has resulted today, following many successful tests and trials, that the entire complex installation generates electricity.

SOURCE: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.