Newsletter | March 12, 2020

03.12.20 -- GreyStone Power Selects Sensus For Smart Utility Network

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Power Plant Converts To Combined Cycle Operation With The Help Of Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flow Meter
By Jack Koeken, Fluid Components International (FCI)

During an upgrade project to install combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) technology, the process engineers at an electric power plant in Western Europe also wanted to maximize the efficiency of their existing gas fuel turbines while maintaining the highest safety levels. By optimizing the performance of both the existing gas fuel turbines and adding the new steam turbines, they hoped to add significantly more generating capacity.

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SOLVAir Select 200 Trona Application Guide

SOLVAir Select 200 trona effectively cleans flue gas by reacting with acid gases, such as SO2, SO3, and HCl. Due to its effectiveness in removing SO3, which competes with mercury for adsorption sites, trona has demonstrated good mercury removal efficiency.

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DHH805 HART Handheld Communicator

DHH805 is a universal portable configuration tool that allows easy parameterization of ABB and third-party HART® instruments. The DHH805 provides a full view of device information in a 6-line, easy-to-read display, allowing up to 100 hours of continuous use before recharging.

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