Grab Style Trash Rakes

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The Evoqua Grab style trash rake is ideally suited for cleaning bar racks at cooling water intake structures, municipal water intake structures and small low-head hydro power stations.

The Grab Style Trash Rake from Evoqua is designed to easily engage the bar rack to collect debris as it descends down the face of the rack. Debris is then removed during the rake's ascending run and placed into deck-level receptacles. The Grab Style Trash Rake is considered to be the first line of defense in efficiently removing debris, ensuring that downstream screens, pumps and other equipment are protected, thus providing uninterrupted clean water flow to your plant.

The Grab Style Trash Rake is manufactured in the USA at an Evoqua ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy and reliable operation is controlled by an interactive touch screen that controls all operations of the Grab Rake.
  • High speed operation with smooth transitions as a result of VFD controlled acceleration and deceleration in traverse and hoist operations resulting in more efficient debris removal and safer operation due to minimal dropped debris
  • Automatic positioning and PLC awareness via RFID flags
  • Heavy duty machined grab tooth design for handling large heavy debris, such as logs, without damage
  • Standard control logic as well as customized logic for specific site applications, such as dual grabs working simultaneously
  • Automatic operation, and/or manual via wireless remote control
  • Supports designed to match existing civil structures (L or U style)
  • Alternate widths available upon request
  •  Evoqua is an expert in designing control systems, including simple relay logic to PLC's, SCADA and remote diagnostics. Your system will perform efficiently and cost-effectively.

Typical Applications

  • Municipal water intake
  • Power plant cooling systems
  • Water treatment plant raw water intake
  • Nuclear power plants (safety rated)
  • Cooling tower makeup water systems

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