News | November 12, 2001

GE's advanced gas turbine technology and services support SembCorp's new power plant in Singapore

An official opening ceremony was set for today for SembCorp Cogen's new 815-megawatt cogeneration plant at Pulau Sakra. The plant, powered by GE Power Systems' state-of-the-art Frame 9FA gas turbines, will produce electricity for the local grid and process steam for adjacent chemical and petrochemical facilities.

The advanced F technology Frame 9FA gas turbines answer today's need for high efficiency as well as high reliability. Equipped with low NOx combustion systems, the turbines are environmentally friendly, with a target NOx level of 25 ppm or less. More than 255 GE F technology gas turbines operate in leading power plants around the world, clocking in excess of 4 million hours of operation.

The gas turbines are also equipped with features to burn distillate fuel, as a backup for the primary natural gas fuel, and are provided with a water injection system for NOx reduction while operating with the back-up fuel.

Gas turbine packages are designed specifically in modular assemblies to ensure easy site assembly and installation. A multi-shaft Combined Cycle plant configuration adds to high operational flexibility.

Long-term and reliable operation of the power plant will be facilitated by a Contractual Services agreement between GE and SembCorp Cogen. Under the six-year agreement, GE will support plant operation with advanced monitoring and maintenance management systems and a range of other services including repairs, spares and technical advisory. This service support includes planned as well as unplanned maintenance and repair of the gas turbines, as well as around-the-clock support for emergencies.

The GE-Keppel workshop at Jurong, GE's modern gas turbine repair facility in partnership with Keppel, is located at the doorsteps of the power plant, facilitating prompt, cost-efficient repair and maintenance.

F.L. Leow, regional executive of GE's Energy Products division, based in Singapore, is enthusiastic about the new power plant.

"The state-of-the-art design, the modular packaging and GE's experienced and skilled manpower in Singapore have all helped greatly in the installation phase of the equipment," he says. "The efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly design will help the customer to be positioned strongly in the coming competitive power market scenario in Singapore, during its operation phase."

Construction of the new SembCorp plant began in August 1999, with the gas turbines arriving in May and June 2000. In just five months, the plant reached its commissioning stage, and the first firing of the two gas turbines occurred before the close of the year in November and December of 2000. By August of this year, the trial run of the plant was successfully carried out, and a provisional acceptance certificate was awarded. As of now, the plant has clocked more than 7,000 operating hours.

SembCorp Cogen Pte Ltd. is an independent power producer formed by SembCorp Utilities and EDB investments (the Economic Development Board of Singapore), in association with Tractebel of Belgium.

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