Newsletter | October 10, 2019

10.10.19 -- GE Launches HA Gas Turbine To Power FPL's Dania Beach Facility

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The Advantages Of Containerized Demineralization Systems For Boiler Feed Water
By SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

When it comes to water treatment improvements at power plants, the last thing an operation wants is long construction and installation times disrupting its work. Ideally, a solution should be installed, tested, and operational in as little time as possible. 

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Industrial Boilers: The Economic Benefits Of DSI Using Dry Sodium Sorbents In Flue Gas Mitigation

Wet scrubbers are often used at large boilers due to their high SO2 removal efficiency, but for small utility boilers, they could be expensive, and the resultant water from a wet scrubber must be treated before being released. Find out why DSI and dry sodium sorbents can be a cost-effective option.

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