Gas Detector

Source: Bascom-Turner Instruments, Inc.
The Gas-Ranger natrual gas detector features a high capacity (two liters/min) internal pump
Bascom-Turner Instruments, Inc.ger natrual gas detector is designed to locate leaks quickly due to its high capacity (two liters/min) internal pump. Push-button operation allows both the peak and sustained gas percentage to be displayed after a preset volume of gas has been pumped from the bar-hole. Features of the product include automatic field calibration, twist-on battery compartment cap for easy battery replacement in seconds with no tools required and a tough, watertight Xenoy alloy housing with an O-ring seal.

An optional D-CAL system offers calibration at docking stations with calibration data, sensor sensitivities and usage times made centrally available. Fax reminders can be sent automatically to remind users of due or overdue calibrations. This system can also detect natural gas above ground with a scale measuring 100 ppm, as well as monitor continuously for CO, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen when equipped with optional sensors. Additional accessories such as dust and water stoppers, bar hole and flue gas probes and a carrying case are available.

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